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Workshop on Safety of Industrial Lasers and Systems Use

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With the continuous development of the global economic situation, the laser technology stands with its unique advantage in industrial fields which keeps promote each industry grow up, along with it comes a strong focus on the issue of laser safety protection. In order to respond the call of laser developing tend and stimulate the Chinese laser equipment manufacturing sustained and healthy development by widely spreading the laser safety protection knowledge, the Laser Processing Committee of the Chinese Optical Society is organizing a training in the course of LPC 2017 and LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA on March 15th of 2017 at Shanghai New International Expo Center. The training is mainly about the laser safety protection of industrial laser and system use. We will invite the top experts and scholars to present for the training.

The training is mainly focus on personnel at laser R&D, manufacturing, operation and management. Topics cover potential harm of laser products, protection requirements, the relevant operation standard in China and effective measures for laser safety protection. We appeal to all laser practitioners take action immediately to concern about the laser safety protection in order to be responsible for personal, the society and the customers. The laser technology will play a role with the most powerful force as only as we know about laser systematically and we make use of the laser in the right way.


All the trainees who paid the registration fee will be awarded the training certification issued by Chinese Optical Society – Laser Processing Committee (COS- LPC).


Time: March 15th, 2017

Venue: N4-M44,Shanghai New International EXPO Center

Webpage: offcial website)





                                      Target participants:                             Target industries

  • Laser product manager
  • Quality manager and related
  • Laser equipment integrator
  • Leader and technical engineering of laser application
  • Laser product R&D
  • End user of laser
  • Scientific research institutions
  • Regulatory authorities


The training will be held at the same time as LPC 2017 and LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA Exhibition. It will build up a professional platform for laser community to get more knowledge of laser safety protection.





1、Basic laser technology and security

 Knowledge on operating principle, basic structure, production and usage safety of Laser optical components, solid state laser and CO2 laser.


2、Laser processing system safety

Safety knowledge of laser cutting, welding, surface processing, texturing, rapid formation and other laser processing system.


3、General safety knowledge

(1)Safety protection of laser system and potential personal injury

(2)Laser system production workshop safety rules

(3)Laser system operation safety

(4)Standard of laser system optical radiation and electrical safety


Training Content

Chapter 1: Light and Laser

Chapter4: Radiation damage to the eyes

1 What is light?

1 Physiological structure of the eye

2 Light source and spectrum

2 The dependence between wavelength and laser radiation damage to the eyes

3 The brightness of the light intensity and light

3 Laser radiation damage on the retina

4 What is laser?

5 The classification of the laser products

5 Laser beam characteristics

6 The environmental factors of evaluating the laser products

6 What is laser science and engineering?

7 The calculation of laser radiation damage parameter

Chapter 2:The types of radiation and radiation damage

8 The calculationof laser products classification

1 Types of radiation

Chapter5: Protection measures of laser products

2 Radiation measurement

1 Engineering protection measures

3 Radiation damage

2 Management of protective measures

Chapter 3: Radiation damage mechanism

3 Personal protective measures

1 thermal effect

Chapter6: Non-optical radiation damage and lab safety

2 Photochemical effects

1 Non-optical radiation damage

3 Plasma-induced ablationa

2 Lab safety

4 Photodisruption

Chaper7: Laser safety and protection

5 Nonlinear effect

1Security and protection for laser engraving

6 Pressure effect

2Security and protection for laser welding

7 Electromagnetic field effect

3Security and protection for laser cutting


Language: Chinese



Registration information

Please fill out the registration form and feedback to the following email



Training fee


General attendees: RMB 1,200

Exhibitors of LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA: RMB 980

Group registrations: RMB 880 (above 3 attendees in the same company)



Account information:


Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) Shanghai Branch, No. 2 Business Department

Account name: MMI (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Account Number: 1001190709016219311


 (Please indicate with the words as “WS training fee and attendee’s name”. Please contact us via 021-6485 2178 afterwards.)



Please kindly do the payment before March 4, 2017

*Onsite registration only accepts cash. Please kindly note that debit card and credit card transfer are NOT available. Sorry for the inconvenience.





Shanghai New International Expo Center (2345 Longyang Road, Shanghai, China)

Shanghai New International Expo Center is strategically located in Pudong's key economic development zone. There is a public traffic interchange for bus and metro, one named "Longyang Road Station" about 10-min walk from the station to fairground, and one named "Huamu Road Station" about 1-min walk from the station to fairground.



Accompanying events:


  • 12th International Laser Processing and Systems Conference(LPC 2017)

       March 14-15, 2017

      Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel Shanghai

      Shanghai New International EXPO Center


  • Chinese Laser Market Summit 2017

       March 15, 2017

       Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel Shanghai



       March 14-16, 2017

       Shanghai New International EXPO Center



·         Chinese Optical Society- Laser Processing Committee (COS-LPC)

·         Messe München



·         TC284/SC1,TC284/SC2

·         NERC-LP of Huazhong University of Science and Technology

·         Technological Innovation Strategic Alliance of National Laser Processing Industry

·         Zhejiang Industry & Trade Vocational College


Chair: Prof. Xiahui Tang, Huazhong University of Science and Technology


Agenda :

Training agenda:


Time: March 15, 2017

Address: SNIECN4-M44 Meeting Room


Training Content



Business Group



Welcome Speech

China Optical Society- Laser Processing Committee


Development Trend of Laser Safety Standard "Thirteenth Five"

National Engineering Research Center for Laser Processing, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Tang Xiahui,Professor


Safety And Quality Assurance of High Power Fiber Laser

Wuhan Ruike Fiber Laser Technology Co., Ltd

Liu Xiaoxu, Total Quality Master


The Establishment Of Enterprise Laser Safety System

Rhine Technology Shanghai Co., Ltd

Liu Xiqiang, Vice General Manager


Safety And Protection Of Semiconductor Lasers

Xi'an Juguang Technology Co., Ltd

Gao Lei, General Manager


Non - metallic Materials Laser Cutting Applications And Safety Protection

Wuhan Jinyun Laser Co., Ltd

Leng Changrong, Chief Engineer


Basic Requirements For Safety Protection Of Laser Equipment

Wuhan Chinese Laborers Laser Engineering Limited Liability Company / National Light Radiation Safety And Laser Equipment Standardization Technical Committee Of High Power Laser Application Sub-technical Committee

Lu Feixing, Technical Director / Secretary General




Inspection Requirements For Laser Radiation In Laser Products

Han's Laser / National Committee For The Standardization Of Radiation Safety And Laser Equipment Laser Technology Processing and Laser Equipment Sub-Technical Committee

Feng Jianguo, Engineering / Secretary-General


The Importance Of Laser Safety

Tongkuai (China) Co., Ltd

Zhang Lingkai, Laser Product Specialist


Laser Safety and Vocational Education

Zhejiang Industry and Trade Vocational and Technical College

Shi Zimu,Chairman

(More training schedule to be determined, subject to on-site schedule)




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