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2017 Shanghai International Forum on Modern Optical
Manufacturing Engineering and Sciences

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Optical manufacturing engineering and research is a new interdisciplinary science that covers optics, precision machinery, electronics, computer science, materials science, physics and chemistry. It is also closely connected to other applied disciplines as well. Optical manufacturing has become essential for various high-end industries and even national security. It is also an important part of the emerging industries in the world. The Made in China 2025 initiative has brought significant opportunities and new challenges to the optical manufacturing enterprises. We believe there are unlimited business opportunities in optical manufacturing, AR technology and micro-nano optical technology.


In the information age, 80% of the outside world is perceived visually. VR / AR, as a new video display technology equipment, can integrate the virtual world and the real world perfectly. With the AR device, users can see and interact with the virtual objects in a real background. Experts from both the industry and the academia have predicted that AR equipment will replace the smart phone as the next-generation computing platform. AR optical technology integrates fields like optical design, optical manufacturing, computer science, graphic correction and display, large data analysis, visual perception and so on. It is applicable in a wide range of fields like advanced weapons, aircraft development, data visualization, medical research and anatomy training, precision instrument manufacturing and maintenance, military aircraft navigation, industrial design and remote robotics, virtual training, entertainment and arts. VR optical technology will create new business opportunities, new products and new markets, so as to create a new way of life.


Micro-nano optics is one of the most active frontiers in the development of optical engineering. It is the combination of nanotechnology and photonics, two major technologies in the 21st century. Interactions of light and matter will produce many new characteristics at the nanometer scale. Micro-nano optics has a wide range of industrial and defense applications, promising new and attractive device performance in optical communication, optical interconnect, sensor imaging, sensor measurement, display technology, biomedicine, data storage and solar energy. This forum provides a great platform for the exchange of ideas among scientists and technicians in micro/nano optical technology research, and a solid guarantee for the innovation of micro/nano optical research and industrial application in China.

In addition to advanced optical manufacturing, AR optics and micro/nano optical technologies, the forum will focus on the development of modern optical manufacturing technology as a new discipline. The forum will discuss on the optical manufacturing in defense technology, providing innovative thinking and know-how for China's optical manufacturing and defense technology.



Time:March 14th-15th, 2017

Venue:N2-M42,Shanghai New International Expo Centre 

Theme:World advanced photonics manufacturing and AR technology,biomedical -the technolgy that gonna change the world




*Please register on or before 13 March 2017 to ensure the successful registration.


(1) Registration Fee :

Registration Fees:
Attendees: RMB 2,000, Students (ID card needed): RMB 1,500
Early Bird Discount before Mar. 11th, 2016, Attendees: RMB 1,700, Students: RMB 1,200
Documents and lunch tickets are included. No simultaneous translation offered.


(2) Making Payment

Bank Information:

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) Shanghai Branch, No. 2 Business Department

Account name: Messe Muenchen Shanghai Co., Ltd.

Account Number: 1001190709016219311





Sponsored by:

Committee of Optical Manufacturing Technology, COS

Messe München

SPIE, USA (Technical Co-sponsor)


Co-Sponsored by:

Fudan University


Organized by:

Shanghai Ultra-precision Optical Manufacturing Engineering Center, Fudan University
Messe Muenchen (Shanghai) Co., Ltd


Sponsored by:


Cooperated by:

Tohoku University


AMETEK Precitech


Four Dimensions, Inc.

Landis China

Shunyu Infrared Technology Co., Ltd

Shanghai Zuoqing Co., Ltd

General Chairs:

Prof. Junhua PAN, Academician; Prof. Songlin ZHUANG, Academician

General Chairs: Prof. Junhua PAN, Academician; Prof. Songlin ZHUANG, Academician

Executive Chairs: 

Program Committee: Prof Min XU, Prof Lingbao KONG, Prof Siqing LI

Secretary General of the Symposium: Prof. Fan WU, Dr Wei WANG


Agenda :



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- Naming 2015 Shanghai International Forum on Modern Optical Manufacturing Engineering and Sciences:

Sponsoring company name + 2015 Shanghai International Forum on Modern Optical Manufacturing Engineering and Sciences

- 45 minutes speech (including Q&A)

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Committee of Optical Manufacturing Technology, COS

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